"Food is a universal language to connect with people. Especially dessert.

Dessert is special: that’s why it’s called a treat. It makes any situation better and more positive. It makes you and those you share it with feel good.

If dessert is is a form of communication, then the people with dietary differences are lost in translation. Their bodies prevent them from understanding the language of dessert, and can no longer express or receive those warm emotions. 

Modern dessert lovers experience challenges that are not being addressed. The world needs someone who has had enough with settling for second best; someone who demands that dessert, no matter what, should always taste like dessert."

Dolled Up Desserts is that leader.

We are not "allergen free". We bake #inclusivedessert. Join us on our journey to revolutionize the way we bake dessert that was meant to be shared."

                  - Katarina Poletto, Founder and Chief Dessert Designer


Dolled Up Desserts creates positive connections between people with dietary differences and their communities using the world’s sweetest universal language: inclusive dessert.


Dolled Up Desserts believes in the power of baking and sharing dessert to change the perceptions of what "allergen free" tastes like, proving that it is just as enjoyable as something that is unfriendly to allergies.



We are committed to using the highest quality, cleanest ingredients and quality control procedures to ensure that your product is so delicious and perfectly balanced, you would not think twice as to whether it is gluten free or vegan.


We are your reliable source for encouragement when you feel like nothing is working in your favour. You can believe our products will always work, are always allergen free, and are always based on the experience of our bakers.


We want you to feel excited to connect and share with others using dessert as the catalyst for communication: a symbol of warmth, care, love and friendliness. Sharing dessert everyone can enjoy without barriers based on taste, texture or allergies is the language to help advocate for an inclusive and accepting community.


We believe dessert should always taste like dessert, no exceptions, or sacrifices. If you cannot bake our dessert from our baking mixes because of your specific dietary differences, tell us and we will make a baking mix specially for you.