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Beginner Edibles Infusion Kit


Have you wanted to try making your own infused edibles but don’t know where to start? Are you worried about making edibles that are safe and predictable?

The Dolled Up Desserts Beginner Edible Infusion Kit has everything you need to get started on making your own edibles. Equipped with the right tools, dosing charts, and a deliciously easy gluten free and vegan brownie mix, this kit is essential to any first time or millionth time edible baker.

This kit includes everything you need to get infusing. Just add your choice of bud!

  • A rapid read thermometer;
  • A scale that measures in milligrams;
  • Teabags for mess free infusion;
  • A premium mini 3 chamber metal grinder;
  • An infused oil only jar (with coconut oil for your first batch of infused brownies!);
  • A Dolled Up Desserts Bettie’s Brownie Gluten Free and Vegan Baking Mix;
  • Organic Canadian maple syrup to make the brownies;
  • A quick dosing cheat sheet;
  • A cannabutter recipe card;
  • A cosmic cannabis brownies recipe card;
  • Free shipping anywhere across Canada!
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Our brownie baking mix contains almonds.

All baking mixes are made in a gluten, dairy, egg, peanut and soy free facility. Almonds are processed in the facility, but separate equipment is used during a separate production interval to reduce cross contamination.


This kit will yield a 9×9″ pan of infused brownies. You can re-use the tools for future cannabutter production.


Infusion kits can be shipped anywhere across Canada for free! Free shipping will be automatically an option at check out. 


Pick up is also possible at our flagship store in Hamilton.

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