What People are Saying

“The carrot cake was outstanding. I honestly never thought gluten free, dairy free, could be so good!

And the guest who we got it for, was thrilled he could eat it without problems!”

– Ian Foote

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Dolled Up Desserts as one of our key partners. Katarina Poletto walked into our store one day with a rush of energy, confidence and enthusiasm that we simply couldn’t resist, and after a short meeting to sample her delicious products we were sold! What started as a limited collaboration has blossomed into a full blown partnership in which we now rely on Dolled Up Desserts to provide us with our chocolate and caramel sauces, brownie and blondie crusts for our Nanacakes, brownie and blondie mini cakes as well as their blondie bits which is the most popular topping ordered by customers. Working with Katarina is an absolute pleasure, mainly due to how committed, dedicated and reliable she is as a business partner. We have frequent meetings with her to discuss new ideas and she is always open to working with us to develop new products that complement our needs. The quality of her products is impeccable, she always delivers on time and the taste is simply incredible. Never shying away from a challenge, Katarina even developed the industry’s first ever vegan, gluten-free waffle bowl for one of our products. We plan on continuing to work with Dolled Up Desserts as a key partner for a long time to come and are thrilled to recommend her to any business looking for the best-quality and best-tasting vegan, gluten-free goods in Toronto”

– Yazeed Yasin, Nanashake

“I ordered a bunch of Holiday Cookies for a private party I hosted at my place. They were a hit. We were particularly delighted by the festive cherry bars, which are full of flavour, just like all of the cookies on the platter.

Katarina is great and really puts a lot of attention in her baking, and getting them to you. Highly recommend!”
– Emad
Best carrot cake I’ve ever had – and my non-vegan family members agree! Katarina was lovely and created exactly what we wanted on short notice, would definitely order from here again in future!
“Neither a vegan nor gluten intolerant and LOVE Dolled Up Desserts baking!”
“I visited Dolled Up Desserts at FNL ROM and everything I tasted was fantastic. I’m Celiac, but even my non-Celiac boyfriend enjoyed the treats we tried. The pumpkin spice cookie was my favourite.”
“I have SO MANY allergies!!! Usually I don’t dare to ask the ingredients, it’s always something I’m allergic too. I never get to try the cute cupcakes. But FINALLY HERE YOU ARE IN ALL YOUR GLORY!!!! IM IN LOVE!!!! THANK YOU FROM THE ONE THAT NEVER GETS TO EAT THE DESSERTS, I CAN EAT THE DESSERTS! Praise the vegan goddess that you are thank you!”
– Alice